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The Materials of the Workshop “The oil Study of the Nude Female Figure”

06-07 2011

During the first session it is worth to make a short drawing in order to examine the pose, the proportions and the format of future work.

In this case we may see that the torso is leaned back. Due to this fact, according to the rules of perspective its closed parts seems to be bigger that the further one. The hips are turned. Other parts of the body are foreshortened.

Between sessions you may additionally prime the base with acrylic into the tone, closed to the tone of the background and transmit the drawing into the cardboard (or canvas).


The drawing made with charcoal might be fixed with the lacquer.


Also you may cover the whole figure with the ochreous tone. Doing this we may alter the outline. Moreover, to paint on the base tone is more comfortable.


During second session the main colour and tonal relations need to be taken. Due to this it is preferable to work on the whole figure simultaneously.

It is crucial to compare your study with the model a lot. At the same time we keep altering the delineation.


Third session we are making more precise the main relations. Doing this you will naturally need to add some important details. In other words, working out one small area we keep watching at the solid picture and check the entire impression. In order to do this we should frequently look at the work at a distance.

Oleg Toropygin