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Currently in the studio are trained subjects on Next:

  •      academic drawing
  •      basics of sculpture
  •      painting
  •      composition

Studio task - to help everyone who comes to school to achieve its own objectives in the field of fine arts. Priorities for each person may be different (training in art college, a good command of pattern, learn to sculpt the human figure or portrait oil painting master , etc.). Also, people come to learn with different levels of initial training ( from very beginners to graduates colleges of art ) . Therefore , the program tasks for each person individually selected and adjusted in the learning process so that the best help each student develop the necessary skills .


At the same time, there is a logical sequence of tasks, the degree of difficulty for each subject, we call her training program. Below and are discussed in each subject.


Also, in the "Articles" section you can get acquainted with the details out individual tasks of the program.


All things you can do both separately and, if desired - in the complex.
The studio is located in Moscow, between metro stations Mayakovskaya and Belorusskaya, the exact address of 2nd Brest 24/15, room 2. Applications for training can be directed to

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or by phone +7 915 218 26 49 (only russian languge, sorry)

Oleg Toropygin


Training Programme on subjects:

The training program academic drawing:

  • Figure geometric solids (cube, hexagonal prism ball at will - other geometric solids ) and objects of different complexity in different angles. At this stage the student gets acquainted with the basic skills of drawing , such as : setting the hands , the ability to take the right proportions, shape and nature of the reversal of the object in space, the design concepts and skills of touch , the ability to transmit light and true ten.Uzhe at this stage , the focus may done as a large transfer of the key ( for artists ) , and the large transfer form ( for sculptors ) . In the future, this trend continues. Materials used in this step : A3 paper , pencils softness from HB to 5B , eraser, stump.

Education academic drawing studio Oleg Toropygin Education academic drawing studio Oleg Toropygin

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